Lav04bhasmantam EP

artist: bhasmantam

title: EP

date: October 30, 2004

time: 24:17

size: 34 MB

style: ambient electronic, IDM,

Sonorous kaleidoscopes tell us old stories ambiented in spellbound places where the time is suspended, the atmosphere dilated and the lights is mixed as in a roundabout.
This is the debut on Laverna of this eclectic musician that in the last 10 years he has published about twenty release for various label focused on techno sonority (Muzak, Pin Up, Spok). He makes very fast and hypnotic sound, but also with an experimental line and an unmistakable attitude. Such elements emerge in full way in the present release in which, abandoned techno, the sounds tries to go into new zones of the electronic music.
B. draws from numerous sources of inspiration and imagines different possible "applications" of his music: for a film or for a dance, or music for theater.. for a result that goes out of the schemes that divide the different genres.