Lav65orrorin daydream a distant veil

artist: orrorin daydream

title: a distant veil

date: October 31, 2015

time: 66:09

size: 261 MB

enc: 320 Kbps

style: ambient


Orrorin Daydream is a one-man-project focused on lo-fi ambient. Soundscapes are created from guitar, synth, piano layers and a wide range of found sounds surrounding us to shape dreamlike zones. The project draws the lines of a space between exploration and contemplation; itís an attempt to translate the artistís subconscious visions, influenced in so many ways by so many things. Pathos is increased in the unknown places of reverie.
" He grew up hidden in a cave with his clan , the shelter was his whole world
They have been weaving veils around him since he was born
Certain veils hinder him in his inherent will to think and sleep, dream and rest
Just like he wanted to
Or not wanted to
All of those veils gradually disappeared when he began to distinguish them
When he took off all the veils, he went out of the shelter and walked to the unknown
He knew that past dreams of gone lives rest in dormancy in his common eye "
A distant veil could be considered as an expression of animism in the digital era, it falls into magical realism. It raises the questions of numbing our primary human thoughts and diversion of our main aims.