real name: Beppe Piol

sanscrit word that has its origins from the Srì Isopanisad , ancient holy Indian writings , meaning : After been Ash . Bhasmantam alias Giuseppe Piol lives in a village on the hills between Venice and the Alps. started playing electronic music in jan. '90 , when Acid and Techno were starting rule. musician, live performer, producer, many contributes with musicians, bands, deejays, acrossing genres, dance, pop, underground rock and roll, ambient, jazz as well as contemporary classical music and noise.


grand fathers Iannis Xenakis, Luigi Nono, Karlheinz Stockausen, Jimi Hendrix, And the Gods Made Love, the berliner period of David Bowie and Iggy Pop, Heroes, Idiot, Kraut Rock, Neu, Can, Daf, obviously Kraftwerk, English Techno pop, Cabaret Voltaire, Soft Cell, early Human League, Detroit Techno, Underground Resistance, Derrick May, Jeff Mills ...
the Wind , the Fire , the Water , the Earth , the Heart ..


2001 Scale , dark ambient music , contemporary dance performance , sculpture , somewhere in Austria
2002 Traffic Session, concrete music for video art, sculpture and contemporary dance, Venice.
2003 Traffic Session, concrete music and classical arrangments for video art ,sculpture and contemporary dance, Krastal marble cave , Austria.

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