Lav75fabio anile Dense

artist: fabio anile

title: Dense

artist website

date: October 28, 2017

time: 32:37

size: 77 MB

enc: 320 Kbps

style: ambient


DENSE - Fabio Anile

1 - From above (7,21)
2 - On the beach (during wartime)* (8,19)
3 - A blessing of keys (16,56)

Live looping improvisations performed and recorded on 2th august 2017. No additional editing/post-work.
* The title of On the beach (during wartime) is recalled by Nevil Shute’s post-apocalyptic novel “On the Beach”.

Fabio Anile: piano and electronics (
Cover art picture by Michael Peters (
October 2017
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