Lav67giulio ronconi circuiti

artist: giulio ronconi

title: circuiti

date: February 15, 2016

time: 24:53

size: 364 MB

enc: 320 Kbps

style: kosmische musik


GIULIO RONCONI - Circuiti - Lav 67
Laverna comes out with a new release recorded there, "at the doors of the cosmos that are in Germany" ... someone would have said many many years ago. Giulio Ronconi, in the green depths of his Umbria, vibrates the memories of the older listeners Kosmische Musik intoxicating even those who have not experienced the epic kraut sound. It does so with a cascade of sounds able to overwhelm even the most impassive of fans. After a research trip dedicated to improvisational sound by the Venetian composer Mauro Sambo, Laverna is back to the electronic expression and does so with a release dedicated to the sacred analog synthesizer voice. A language translated into music from a sound artist who shows total skills in the use of these wonderful machines. Giulio creates soundtracks for documentaries and short films, comes from the post-core and has produced two records like Hey Saturday Sun, an electronic project with a focus on the slope synth-wave 80s. With Circuiti he gives voice to his feelings more freely and analog with a journey of exploration into the disruptive power of abstract synthesis. A release of which we are proud, the re-proposal of a never forgotten sound. Turned up the volume!

Mirco Salvadori - Laverna Art Director