Lav87Paco Maddalena Panorami Verticali

artist: Paco Maddalena

title: Panorami Verticali

date: April 6, 2021

time: 27:50

size: 67 MB

enc: 320 Kbps


Five tracks that involve a different vision, a new way of relating to the world around us, based on the essence of everyday environments soundscaping.
Hence the title of the ep, Panorami Verticali, intended as a new interaction with the context, no longer ordinary but translated into a different dimension, perpendicular in this case, like the imaginary line that from the ground, passing through legs, reaches the head : the noises are rhythmically and harmonically autonomous, self-celebrating, free and dancing in the sound space and from the earth they rise to be recoded by the mind of the listener.
Disconnected from the normal cultural classification, sounds acquire an independent meaning, result of a different elaboration in each one, making the passive routine become presence and the ego, the individual, the listener, more than ever collective archetype, one with the sound context.
The sea (“Osservazione partecipata”), cars on the street, a train station, but also the sound of a gate and the empty garden of a school (“Troppe trame”), the interiors of a steel factory (“Basta che poi ci ricordiamo dove”), are the result of elaborate, dilated and intertwined field recording sessions, played with an 'organic' synth (Lyra 8, Soma), drones, tape loops and modified keyboards
Mix and Mastering at Zeit.