Lav57Muhr lucas arc

artist: Muhr

title: lucas arc

date: September 27, 2013

time: 18:06

size: 41 MB

enc: 320 Kbps

style: ambient, electronica


An arch, a curve, a passage that allows senses to run through that thin, invisible line beyond which the impulses issued by the receptors communicate a dimension that brushes against wholeness. There is a variety of ways to represent these feelings: images and sounds are the elements chosen by Muhr to try to define these experiences.

A careful research gives us a series of beats, never predictable, a resemblance of primitive and dissonant beats that immediately moulds within a melody assembly that slowly weaves-in and begins to radiate precious imaginative essence.

Four short episodes, filled with languid romantic numbness, climaxing in the last track that literally explodes in a silent sensual rapture, thanks also to its associated video-clip.


Muhr, alias Vincent Fugére, is the hidden Master of Ceremony. His proceeding resolves through the snapshot of a shutter, the silent pathway of a video-clip and the slow pervading liturgy of the sound. Lucas Arc is all this: is a sinuous body to be slowly revealed with the help of that nowadays too often neglected "Love"

Mirco Salvadori
transaltion Simona Taffurelli