Lav44various lav.NEXT

artist: various

title: lav.NEXT

date: September 1, 2011

time: 50:10

size: 109 MB

enc: 320 Kbps

style: ambient


Visionaries of the intelligible

Are we belonging to a small circle of visionaries of the intelligible?
Are we those ones fated to live out of this way of living?
Questions to be engraved into the silent mechanisms that animate the sound defined as electronic.
These are the questions I always wonder about , since I started to listen non -conventional music and I tried, wrongly, to propose it to those who didnít have the perceptiveness of the unseen.
By listening and listening, genre after genre until reaching the rarefied atmosphere that reigns over the 3000 metres, in those endless lands where that sound defined as ambient has built its kingdom.
Ambient is a very reductive term that contains universes of sounds rich in memories whose source fades away in the night as black as vinyl.
Nevertheless the "electronic" theme is always considered and dealt with as a sub product linked to the 4/4 beat that is too noisy and "grooved" by a teen aging audience.

In Laverna no one of us has that fabulous age anymore, we donít produce electro, techno and similars, even if we certainly do not disdain that wild jump on riding the "BMPs" ( certainly score not a dive into the "BMPs").
Expressly this writer goes well beyond that glorious threshold and yet Ö.yet he can still be carried away by the charm of the solemn dance of the "drone", dreaming voraciously within recurring sound loops, emotionally longing for the late silent wave anticipated by a single note of the piano that reveals its substantial minimalism.

He dreams, eyes wide open, looking deeply into the future trying to engrave into a collection which, unusually, does not consider sounds already created and listened to, but includes sounds/dreams still to come, traces of visions common to all the nine artists that take part in this project and that still have to create their own personal path which will lead them into the Laverna Space.
A reverse operation dictated by the always present need of "searching", a necessary element in the hands of those ones who continuously try to propose innovative artistic shapes.
Gigi Masin, Molven, Giorgio Ricci, Manuel Cecchinato Posadas, William Capizzi, Easychord, Fabio Anile, Leastuperbound e The Secret Life of the Black Suit: these are the artists that accepted our invitation, everyone with his own style and with his own path, but everyone belonging to the small circle of dreamers: visionary poets of the intelligible

Mirco Salvadori
- Laverna art director

Trad. By Simona Taffurelli

cover photos by Donato Gagliano. Thanks Donato.