Lav43giulio aldinucci boule à neige

artist: giulio aldinucci

title: boule neige

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date: July 15, 2011

time: 17:27

size: 36 MB

enc: 320 Kbps

style: ambient


Boule à neige: luminescence of joy

I enter this small theatre where all is painted in soft pistachio green and I sit down waiting for the curtain to raise. Its a place where dimensions are minimized but able to amplify any sound produced within them.

The variety of sounds that can be perceived inside are many indeed: you may have the sensation that the backdrop of a shapeless performance is being built in that very moment, exactly as it could happen with the space enclosed within everyone of us; it almost looks like there is a petite ensemble which is testing my receptive capability through a series of melodious and minimal sound full signals: a kind of prelude to what should be a "tale of silence" lining over a landscape created to play, a play-work built with the consistence of a stone and the lightness of the water. I look around and perceive the disclosing of the space that surrounds us : for me and for the wholeness of a universe that I sense as existing behind that curtain that suddenly and slowly begins to raise, revealing little by little a scenery of endless deepness.
Im swapped away, wind up, overwhelmed, ravished in a context that flings me into the slow whirl of the symphony as the force of thousand winds , a dimensions in which the roaring of the soul finally finds the strength to express and explode in a cosmic ecstasy : joy, luminous and pure as the snow .

Mirco Salvadori

Trad. by Simona Taffurelli

Lav43::Giulio Aldinucci - Boule à neige - back cover

Artwork by Paola Paradisi
Photo by Costanza Maremmi