Lav34emanuele errante gouache

artist: emanuele errante

title: gouache

artist website

date: May 1, 2010

time: 33:03

size: 62 MB

enc: 256 Kbps

style: ambient, electronica


'Gouache' is a French word that derives from the Italian 'gouache' and indicates a particular technique of painting in which colors are dissolved in the murky water and arabic gum. Naples, where this technique was affirmed at the end of the eighteenth century, is a colorful city dissolved into a vortex of problems and wrongdoing. Its colorful streets, its colors sometimes strong and sometimes evanescent, infuse cheerfulness that contrasts with the sad daily reality of a city that seemingly has no future.

These seven songs, which bear the names of seven locations in Naples, were composed to reproduce all the emotional contrasts that rape the soul of those who respect and admire this city and its beauty while aware of its difficulties. The tracks are made with the rhythm defragmentation technique that perfectly interprets the pulse of the asynchronous flow of the everyday life in Naples.