Lav32vain foam collected works - side a (what dreams may come)

artist: vain foam

title: collected works - side a (what dreams may come)

artist website

date: April 12, 2010

time: 00:00

style: electronica, IDM


The coming back of a prolific and very interesting artist.
Vain Foam takes us into a trip through the visionary sound that distinguish. His music play in your muscles, in your venis..
His power is to ride the sound waves to build a sound painting during time to time.
The whole trip is called Collected Works, and is divided in two parts.
From IDM back to ambient: an ultravisionary landscape that transform from intelligent movements back to elegiac portraits"
The first of this path will be a double trip with the taste of IDM. It is called what dreams may come - side A and then,
we will meet the second.
Take a trip with us and the sound of Vain Foam! Waiting for the rest..