Lav25paolo veneziani alternatives

artist: paolo veneziani

title: alternatives

artist website

date: October 27, 2008

time: 20:56

size: 50 MB

enc: 320 Kbps

style: experimental


Our musical journey reaches a land that is clearly experimental. It does this with the new release of the artist Paolo Veneziani, 3 years after his debut album "1995 - 2005" for the friends of "Ogredung".
The musical language we have in common is characterized by infinite possibilities of modulating a sound, infinite ways of expression, as there are infinite life experiences.
"Alternatives" in fact.
Alternatives that, as for the sound, make sense for themselves, in the personal experiences of everyone, not in its representations. They donít maintain always the same variety of shading and sense. Itís the living sound, not only "something to listen to".
That sound is able to, in the case of the product we present, stay in a rarefied and introspective mood or change to sharp elements, which could be almost noise or, again, take on a more familiar rhythmic structure which creates a framework to come back to linearityÖ