Lav24haloXVI daydreaming EP

artist: haloXVI

title: daydreaming EP

artist website

date: April 17, 2008

time: 00:00

size: 43 MB

enc: 192 Kbps

style: ambient electronica


There was a time when, shyly, a word travelled the late '70s innovative sound paths.
That word were "ambient".
While following the "daydream", we can perfectly see that "evening star" wich enlight the way for us, shadow and silence travellers.
The new Halo XVI work is this: ambient music in its purest form, a receptacle where to lay down, during the whole 5 tracks, our loads of imaginative dreams.
Gianpaolo Diacci aka Halo xvi, artist coming from far away, owns as a music passion the stringed instruments: giutars, basses or Chapman Stick, which he magically plays hopping like an elf. Especially live with the band RAN, whose is the proud bass player.
A tipical musical education, a past marked by new wave sounds, which dissapears inside "Daydreaming" given the extreme precision in describing a landscape wholly inhabited by electronic particles: lonely trasmitters of an ambient message oneiric programmed.
"A Different Afternoon"spreads itself on harmonies softly contaminated by feeble and wonderful cosmic streams.
"Lost Evenings" is a sweet ritual hidden behind an enchanted vocal loop.
"Night Moves" it's a perfect balance in the electronic void, just a hint of ambient- gothic sound, wrapped in spirals full of space vibes.
"Stone Garden" it's the peace that reings in our most intimate zen gardens.
"White Sea" closes the e.p with a solemn walk in the silent intangible world by Halo xvi: our hopping electronic elf who sometimes stops to describe with sounds his day dreaming.

Mirco Salvadori