Lav23mono-drone muddy notes

artist: mono-drone

title: muddy notes

artist website

date: April 4, 2008

time: 21:32

size: 35 MB

enc: 256 Kbps

style: ambient electronica IDM


...I am descending the stairs and they lead me underground into the very heart of silence. A silence impossible to find now, however, surrounded as I am by the noise brought by man who travels, immersed among thousands of stares looking for the minute yet to come, figures merging together almost by instinct jumping on an underground train that will before long take even me to a destination not yet known. The emptiness between the two rails makes just enough room for the breaking sound of high-speed dragged steel. I am hurled into the wind the train made as it crashed against the hidden void in the darkness of the tunnel and in a few seconds I find myself surrounded by the pure silence only the mental wave can conceive, while the destination on the screen says: Muddy Notes/mono-drone Kingdom. Down down, penetrating the world of mono-drone’s sound is like setting off on a journey through the tunnels of a virtual underground slowly passing the five stops of a path that is specifically and exquisitely electronic: " Headed Out" is pure spacial essence fed by the short beat of a star falling in the distance. "Holed sky" is like re-listening to the live recordings of a far-off sweet dream dreamt while dreaming, metaphysically mixing the reality. The "title track" moves with cosmic cadence over the invisible beat of old analogical drums. "One day off" is a bounce back in time, notes melting through unperceivable mechanical movements. Sublimating the psychedelic thinking in a sequence of Teutonic reminiscences is the task of ‘Brainwave synchronizer’: faraway electronic vibes on which to dance while the carriages of this improbable underground train rushes headlong into the sound….hidden in the darkness.

(translation by James Butterfield)