Lav22gigi masin the last dj

artist: gigi masin

title: the last dj

artist website

date: March 5, 2008

time: 44:37

size: 61 MB

enc: 192 Kbps

style: ambient electronica


This compilation of new tracks comes after a very long time. Except for some issues of previous unreleased music and some sporadic contributions, this is the first list of Gigi Masin's new tunes after almost 15 years. A couple of years ago Masin came back to music, recording new music, playing live after a long period of silence. This release with is called 'THE LAST DJ' and it's a friendly homage to Mirco Salvadori (the mentor of this compilation) and all those people that had in the past, like Gigi himself, a long career as radio DJ all around Italy and Europe.
Masin's music comes here again with the same old vice, his signature, the working in subtraction that gives you an apparent quiet sound, just a little bitter, a sort of dream texture, an emotional rescue from the world-as-it-seems-to-be. Mostly for piano (Masin sadly lost in a flood most of his instruments, electronics and 30-years-long tapes archive...) these tunes are really pieces of poetry, a bright coming back to the `sound´ that many consider a unique point of reference and respect. Being a pioneer in the late 70s/80s with his then-rivolutionary policy of `open source´ musical rights and the `no price for art´ message (he´s considered a forerunner of the Creative Commons theory), and there´s no surprise to see his name meets again the Laverna net-label project.
Gigi Masin is now recording his new cd, to be published with Diplodisc before the end of 2008.
David Roots