Lav21various live@stalker 31-03-2007

artist: various

title: live@stalker 31-03-2007

date: June 14, 2007

time: 29:23

size: 40 MB

enc: 192 Kbps

style: ambient electronica IDM downtempo


In this event has been not only a musical event but also an experiment in which the real dimension that was being developed in the physical place of the stalker club in Padova, was connected in bidirectional way with the virtual dimension.
While in audio-video streaming we sent on SL the live images of the Stalker from a videocamera,
a video-floodlight connected to a PC send images from the island 'panther crossing' in SL (175,165,32).
Anyone, everywhere, had the possibility to living in real time the event.

It was 31 March 2007 and after the creative commons dj-set of micromix (published in our section 'Lavmix'),
there was a exhibition of 3 artists in 3 different electronic live-sets.
First, 'Rejizz' a great track that has opened the live of camomatic.
Second, the duo HaloXVI & Giorgio Ricci (members of RAN, from Venice) has made a track with a strongly improvisation.
finally, Matera electronics with two different tracks 'biodynamic revax version' and 'tenax', one ambient 'melodic' and other one old school analogic sounds.