Lav20various nocturnal emission 1st

artist: various

title: nocturnal emission 1st

date: February 21, 2007

time: 53:06

size: 73 MB

enc: 192 Kbps

style: ambient electronica


A Flight inside the Tangible Reality of the Imagination.

The only chance to try a listening immersion: Flight. The absence of gravity lets us move in space and time using our imagination and memories as our propeller. It is a Flight that began many years ago with just night-time departures that used ether to spread the travel maps, they were radio broadcasts called "Nocturnal Emission" and "Red Planet", they were virtual lighthouses that lit up an endless extremely electronic and unknown universe, they were sound information codes that created astral maps that were increasingly visible and seen, identification codes that, going beyond the barriers of time and space, have permitted creating this new sound work.
We would like to invite you to glide through Music that has been specially created for Laverna by nine artists, who grew following different sound abstractions but all tied to the invisible and intangible electronic beat.
There are endless perceptions that sound has always restrictedly called "Ambient" and creates, and hidden behind these traces there is just a very small and varied part: "Rest in Space" a hypnotic dive into an astral loop, guided by the echo of a voice invisibly concealed behind the embroidery of synth that Diplogroove has made lovingly vintage. "A Place I Found and I Forgot" reproposes a Sepia Hours as ever at the confines between airy post-rock, field recordings and noise introspection: small fragments of delicately sad but totally romantic fairy stories. "Diggi Palace Hotel", "Wanna Play the Blues", "Fishsong" tell the silent and imperceptible majesty of ambient sound with the unmistakeable touch of a great Gigi Masin who awards our long wait with a precious and exclusive triple return, a splendid gift box: open it and enjoy the contents. "Appletree Theme" is quiet, the desire to close your eyes and float away carried by the perfumed current of a dream, a Milieu artist, perfect for lovers of blown sound. "Beating bt" takes us to darker lands, where our most vivid synthetic memories dance: deep space electronic old-school by Halo XVI. "El_Flex9", "Everything", "Squidding" and "Emdtypntc02Rmx" are signals from the future: lucid minimal purity for Matera (one of the creators and founders of Laverna) and Transient, sound chemist who needs no presentation. Metaphysical whistle, a fascinating synthetic "algorithm" for Camomatic, ancestral and unstoppable downpour of starry passion for the piece Merak19 remixed by its composer for this compilation.
"Nocturnal Emission 1st Flight": a flight which began a few years ago, a journey that will last for a long time yet beyond the confines of time and space, inside the tangible reality of the imagination.

Mirco "micromix" Salvadori