Lav18enjoy back to the 9 yard

artist: enjoy

title: back to the 9 yard

date: November 16, 2006

time: 28:49

size: 40 MB

enc: 192 Kbps

style: drum'n'bass

Enjoy returns! Our drum 'n' bass resource.. Pure energy pure, enjoy!
In this e.p. the sounds are made scratching, the atmospheres become sour and the rhythmic structure follows articulated and complexe layouts.
Dark episodes like the initial track alternate with more tenuous ones such as 'nemo'..

Trasnlated by Roberto Battista


  • 2007-03-15

    Monica: Amaizing !!! I'd like it, keep goin new tracks !!!

  • 2006-11-23

    alexkeedd: yaman!

  • 2006-11-22

    lucio: never forget the roots!!!!!!!this is enjoy and his nails on the records......good staff brho!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 2006-11-21

    john: nice item!

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