Lav16pyrox eclektica

artist: pyrox

title: eclektica

date: April 30, 2006

time: 39:17

size: 54 MB

enc: 192 Kbps

style: dub, brokenbeat, ambient

In this eclectic work there are different influences coming from different kind of music: electro-dub rhythmic with afro and jazzy atmospheres, all revisited in brokenbeat key..

The e.p. opens with the soft and solar "nigerian prayer" and then ventures in darker and more uneven grooves with "honest broken" and "efats groove", (a track inspired by african percussionist and songwriter Ephat Mujuru) and continues similarly with "Lady's Afro Ritual" inspired by the well known African musician Lady Camara.
West African musical tradition meets the most recent brokenbeat experiments of European music club.

Instead in "honest broken" break structures mix him with wah-wah guitair and a very "dirty" bass on a base Funk. The presence of the trumpet make the track "dark jazz", as the more "jazzy" of the e.p..

Trasnlated by Roberto Battista