Lav08dildo febbre

artist: dildo

title: febbre

date: March 27, 2005

time: 00:00

style: electronic-rock, downtemp

Dildo started their experimental sonic journey in 1995; their early sound followed the innovative atmosphere developing worldwide in the music scene of the time.
In the following years this sound approach would have given to music some of the best releases ever heard in electronic music. Dildo inserted electronic instruments in rock structures with truly original results; their sound belongs to the best of the electronic scene at that time, in particular with drum'n'bass, trip-hop and chemical beats.
These tracks were produced in 1999 and are an example we present with more than an historical value...

Translated by Roberto Battista

Dildo are: Elena Pongolini, Gabriele Mendi, Fabio Macor