Lav06various red planet vol.1

artist: various

title: red planet vol.1

date: December 24, 2004

time: 83:00

size: 108 MB

enc: 192 Kbps

style: techno, IDM, ambient electronica

This release attempts to represent the scene connected to the sound that characterized the history of "red planet community".

We have assembled a variety of materials resulting from years of listening, and we have selected what marked a development from the original analog sound of the 90s (blue environment, electric garden, maximus mexx,..), up to the most recent experimentations (Talk Show Host, Mercury 7, Misfu, Egzero..).

These two souls coexist in this, our first compilation, amidst ambient, downtempo, idm and techno.

We are a small part of a very large community to which everyone contributes developing sound and concepts.

As in a gigantic remix, Techno is one big, never-ending track that we are still developing.

translated by Roberto Battista